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When it comes to birth controlmore and more women are making the decision to go with an IUD. There are five brands to choose fromand they all last a pretty long time. One of the most common questions that women have about IUDs, though is whether or not you can still have sex while wearing one. Formally known as an intrauterine device, an IUD is a small, T-shaped piece of flexible plastic that is inserted into the vagina. The copper IUD is wrapped in, you guessed it, copper, and protects you from pregnancy for up to 12 years.

The hormonal IUDs work by releasing the hormone progestin. In this case, it protects you from pregnancy anywhere from three to six yearsdepending on the brand. No matter what IUD you chooseyou won't have to think about your birth control again for a few years, which is a huge selling point. Even better, if you decide that you do want to get pregnant, your doctor can easily remove your IUD at any time. As soon as it's removed, you can become pregnant.

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Back to the original question, if you keep the IUD in for years, and it's used to prevent pregnancy, then it must mean you can have sex with an IUD inright? That logic is correct. Having sex with an IUD is completely doable. Most women don't even notice their IUD is there. The same is true for your partner — the odds of them feeling your IUD are slim to none. However, there are strings that dangle down from your IUD. Your doctor will use these strings to eventually remove your IUD, and you should check them every month to make sure your IUD is in the right place.

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The strings are thin and soften over time. But if your partner can feel the strings — or if you feel your IUD during sex — let your doctor know because they can shorten the strings. One thing you should be aware of is that post-sex bleeding is more commonbut still pretty infrequent, when you have an IUD, according to Women's Health. This can happen because hormonal IUDs thin your uterus lining, which is what is shed every month during your period — and what you might end up shedding during sex.

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There's no reason to be worried about the IUD getting dislodged during intercourse. Remember that your IUD is placed in your uterus, not in your vagina. The only way having an IUD should change your sex life is by making you more comfortable knowing that you are protecting yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

However, it's important to keep in mind that IUDs don't protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

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World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Sarah Fielding. An IUD shouldn't impact your sex life.

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This form of birth control is inserted into your uterus and can last for years. You can still have sex with an IUD. If you or your partner feel your IUD during sex, consult your doctor.

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Women want sex Copper City

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