Thick tall ladies

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I am 5'9 in bare feet, and sometimes wear heels that are up to 6 inches tall, making me around 6'2. I feel pretty neglected by males in general, so I don't have much confidence around them. I think I definitely intimidate some men by my build and height, especially if I am taller than them.

I find some of them attractive. There isn't any attribute about which I could say "I find all of these girls attractive. I agree with this. Size doesn't matter. Although, have to admit, I do prefer athletic, even strong, girls be them tall or small. It depends on what you mean by thick but in general yes. I like women with curves and definitely prefer tall women I love tall women.

At 5'9" you are not my definition of tall. I stand 5'9" and I've dated women as tall as 6' barefooted. So tall isn't really where you stand in my book. Doesn't mean you aren't attractive. I like skinny women, chubby women, and yes some fat women. So women and multiple women are kind of my thing. To that end, you have to take hold your confidence and attractiveness.

Either men will want you or they won't. Plain and simple. Get out there, flirt with guys, if you think they are cute. Tell them. Say it in a short and sweet manner. And if they follow it up with a question, just say. Either the guy will get it or he won't. I told one of my best female friends this when she was 24 I'm thirty now and she's 29and a year later she met the guy who became her husband and father of their daughter. He's a sweet guy, a simple guy, but he's sweet and makes a good living. He had been trying to figure out how to summon the nerve to ask for her phone when she pulled my line out.

So you may not feel confident, but not every man feels confident either. I'm always confident because I know I'm awesome, I know I'm better than most men, and fuck I'm a predator. Stay away from predators. Predators are secretly trying to assemble a harem. This guy gets it. You mix up some fun personality and a smile, it will turn guys right around.

There are lots of women that aren't my "type" but are now quite attractive just because they are fun and when they smile, you start wishing you were single again. Sorry honey, you know what I mean.

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I guarantee you men do pay attention to you, but by you thinking they neglect you, you probably send them the vibe that you are not interested. Height can be an issue for a lot of dudes. But, others don't give a fuck about it. That being said, if you're hot, a guy is gonna check you out regardless of height. As far as being curvy goes, a lot of guys like thicker girls.

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Some don't. Everyone has their preferences. I don't like stick thin girls.

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Right there with you brother. When you can see their hip bones poking out? No thanks. Like humping a bag of antlers. Thick girls yes, definitely hot. Tall girls yes as long as thy're not too much taller than me - I'm about the same height as you so out of heels I expect I'd find you attractive, in heels you'd be half a foot taller than me which would put you on, if not just over, the border of what I find too tall.

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But hey, it's all personal taste, I'm sure tons of guys think you're hot. You are definitely beautiful. But to be attractive you have to believe you are! You already know the answer. Thick equals fat and only deviants and the mentally I'll are into fat chicks that's why guys are not interested. Lose 50 to pounds and you will get the attention you want. Found the internet! Men of Reddit - do you find tall thick girls attractive? Posted by 7 years ago. Sort by: best. Yeah I'm all about that bass. Continue this thread.

Tall women are where it's at. Not generally.

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Thick tall ladies

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