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Get access to our best e-commerce marketing resources including:. Chubbies are our favorite example of a brand that beautifully illustrates this principle. There is no Lake Aarhus. Nor is there for the majority of cities Chubbies have in their CRM. After all, how many other brands have given her a nickname? Subjects like the above are ultra-unique, personalized, and above all, enticing enough to get people to open their campaigns.

Australian fashion retailer The Iconic Shop knows that best practice better than the rest. During a recent Black Friday promotion, the brand avoided mentioning Black Friday altogether. Instead, the retailer wrote the following:. While its competitors hammered its readers with impersonal s, The Iconic Shop wrote a subject line that was both personal and promotional. Seray had ly added several items to her wishlist, and now the retailer was informing her those items were on sale. One of our favorite brands that are using humor to their advantage is Brooklinen.

And it works. People notice. No truer is that than in e-commerce. During a recent promotion, the brand caught our attention by asking how much we wanted off our next purchase. The reader is invested to reflect on not only whether they want to partake but also the amount they want to save. Nowhere is this perhaps more common than in marketing.

In one recent campaign, we ed users that started a free Sleeknote trial, thanking them for trying our software… but with a twist. In an attempt to stand out, we wrote an over-the-top story. What do the above have in common? The answer is that they all open information gaps. When we experience a gap between what we know and what we want to know, our curiosity drives our need to acquire new knowledge to bridge that gap.

You only need to go into your inbox and skim the subject lines to see this playing out in everyday life. Take, for example, the following curiosity subject line from Chairish :. In the meantime, remember the golden rule of writing curiosity-driven subjects: always deliver in the body of the. No one, after all, wants to feel duped into opening an they would have otherwise ignored. Sometimes, a quote or two, prefaced with an information gap, is enough to get people to open their s to learn more. When it comes to copywriting best practicesadding specificity is a no-brainer. To our surprise, online retailers are just as good, if not better, than B2B companies at following up with potential buyers.

One of our favorite recent follow-up subject lines comes from health brand Proven. Proven uses reciprocity to invite potential buyers to return to their cart and complete their order. You might have heard about the famous cookie experiment by Worchel, Lee, and Adewole Researchers put ten cookies in one jar and two cookies in the other jar and asked female undergraduates to rate chocolate chip cookies. All the cookies were the same, but the cookies from the two-cookies jar got a higher rating than the cookies from the cookies jar. Why was the former more popular than the latter? Because the cookies from the two-cookies jar were more scarce.

If only two remained, they must be good, right? The takeaway is that people are more motivated by the prospect of losing something than the prospect of gaining something. Take this example from Zalando. Each industry has its own audience. And how you talk to that audience is crucial in driving higher open rates. You, therefore, need to make sure your travel agency subject lines are unique enough to get readers to check them out.

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The first step to grabbing their attention and getting them to open your travel s is hitting them with a captivating subject line. Sonder is a travel agency that lets users stay in their favorite neighborhoods around the world.

For this subject line example, the brand has one simple goal: make an announcement that it just opened in three new cities. Source: Really Good s. This example is a reminder to boil your subjects down to bare essentials to motivate the highest possible percentage of readers to open your s. From there, you can offer the full info and drive more traffic to your website. Promoting new arrivals with an is one of the most effective ways to engage new subscribers as well as to retain your existing customers.

One way to make your fashion subject lines click-worthy is to add specificity, such as the of items remaining in stock. Crew Factory knows this well. When you see this in your inbox, you know what to expect: lots of newly added items that are already on sale.

As we mentioned earlier, exclusivity works well in last chance subject lines, and new arrivals are no exception. Nearly half o f readers decide whether or not to open an based solely on the subject line. One brand that did that well was Brother Motoan Atlanta-based motorcycle shop that specialized in ultra high-quality bikes.

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This was a beautiful play on words that was deed to get readers curious enough to open the. Given the limited time you have to make an impression, one of the most crucial things you can do is keep your subject lines short and sweet. According to HubSpotthe ideal length of a subject line is 50 characters or less. This subject is a masterclass in brevity. In just three words, it lets you know what their organization is trying to achieve.

Seasonality can not only inform the type of s you write but also the subject lines you use to drive opens. One of the keys to writing high-converting subject lines is to be topical and seasonally relevant to your subscribers.

After all, no one wants to open a Black Friday once the party is over. Not only can using emojis in your spring subject lines can help the reader easily understand what to expect from your s, but they can also help you stand out in crowded inboxes. In this great example, Johnny Cupcakes gives you the spring feeling even before you open their :. With three simple flower emojis and straightforward copy, the company invites you to their clearance sale with the added spring vibe.

If your brand tone allows, try adding a few spring emojis to your subject lines, but be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, you may risk getting stuck in spam filters. One foolproof way of creating salience in subject lines is to use emojis, and your summer s are no exception. Check out this brilliant example from one of our favorite online retailers, ASOS :. While most e-commerce s take a spooky spin during Halloween, some brands try to help their subscribers with costume ideas. For makeup brands or apparel companies, this type of Halloween is a piece of cake.

One way is to do as Birchbox does and take a new approach to trick-and-treating. When you read the subject line, you wonder how Birchbox is treating you and immediately open the. When it comes to crafting memorable winter subject lines to capture the attention of subscribers during this frigid time of year, J. Whenever a subscriber clicks, they see this with a stunning image of a gnome in a snow globe. And like the from J. Black Friday is a busy time, not only for us marketers but also for consumers, having to sift through the many promotional s in their inboxes.

While doing that, remember to focus on the exclusivity of the offer in your and subject line, too. Check out how Bellroy does that:. With this direct subject line, Bellroy invites you to grab its Black Friday exclusive and nudges you to open the if nothing else, out of curiosity. While Bellroy indulges its subscribers with an offer, it uses a dollar value discount rather than a percentage. Bellroy also writes its exclusive offer in different currencies to make it easily understandable for customers in different target markets.

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There are more than good subject lines in this post. But, ultimately, the best comes from you. Torrid: Hey Seray, ready for some Disney magic? United by Blue: This is Not a Sale. Dollar Shave Club: Save money. Studio Neat: Great, another ! Sorry for yelling! Fabletics: [Name], item s in your cart are selling fast! An item in your shopping cart is now on sale. Intrepid Travel: Which countries are open for travel now? Travel Republic: Goodbye Rain. Are you ready? Toyota: Ramona, want to know what the future holds?

Nissan: When your car speaks with both intention and emotion. Save the Children: You must see this. FREE Glitter! Greetabl: What do ghosts eat for breakfast? Bye Winter-Weary Skin! His specialties include copywriting, direct response marketing and SEO. Start a no-commitment 7-day free trial and enjoy all Sleeknote features on your website. No credit card needed.

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Single in subject line

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