Sex network Grants

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Family Tree, Inc. SisterLove, Inc. Intermountain Planned Parenthood, Inc. The videos also encourage viewers to become advocates for policy change in their communities. Physicians for Reproductive Health Inc. Structurally based on the church youth programming tradition of Vacation Bible School, the program aims to broaden access to information in response to state laws prohibiting comprehensive sex education in public schools.

The project will involve assembling a resource library, training educators, and offering in-classroom sex education teaching and lesson plans for K educators. The project will combat misconceptions about long acting reversible contraceptives LARCs and other contraceptive methods as well as providing access to services.

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The materials, which support informed decision-making and patient-centered reproductive care, are also available in English and Spanish. This project, devoted to teens, follows upon research and development of a decision-support tool for adult women with epilepsy.

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Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri St. This project is expected to have an impact on a large of teens, many of whom are isolated in rural communities. A pilot effort has shown that women and clinicians are responsive to accurate information on the topic of unplanned pregnancies.

The NACB will work toward fair implementation using three strategies: training women in three states as activists; pressing the IHS for rapid action; and conducting a communications campaign so that women know their rights and begin to demand them from individual IHS clinics and pharmacies. SNLP will expand its partnerships at two New York high schools by presenting free classes for pregnant and parenting teens. The programs will foster increased agency around reproductive choices and making connections between motherhood and leadership.

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Teen Connection of Takoma, Inc. The project will de and test a school-based reproductive education program for adolescent girls in rural Uganda that is expected to be sustainable and scalable. The project uses promontores to deliver the evidence-based program Families Talking Together. The program will support a hotline and referral service to cover Kansas and Oklahoma.

In addition, referrals to two clinics will be boosted by a youth-produced radio spot. Ibis Reproductive Health, Inc. Montachusett Opportunity Council, Inc. Red Hook Initiative, Inc. The Resource Foundation, Inc. Christian Community, Inc. Resource Foundation, Inc. Switchboard of Miami, Inc. Power Girls Informed about Real Life.

Madre, Inc. Real Talk. Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Inc. Codman Square Health Center, Inc. Women Express, Inc.

Sex network Grants

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