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Participants attend the Prague Pride Parade where thousands march through the city center in support of gay rights, in Prague, Czech Republic, August 10, PRAGUE, April 29 Reuters - A same-sex marriage bill in the Czech Republic cleared an early hurdle in the lower house of parliament on Thursday, but whether it will become law is uncertain with a general election less than six months away. The legislation has languished for three years in parliament and has split parliamentary factions as lawmakers voted both in favour and against within their parties.

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Around half of European Union countries have same-sex marriage laws. In the Czech Republic, same-sex couples can enter into registered partnerships since Critics say that step removed some obstacles, but does not place same-sex couples on an equal footing with heterosexual couples, especially in legal issues, such as child adoptions or property rights. The new bill, which was approved in a first reading and will head to committee debate before a final vote, amends the Civil Code to say marriage is a union of "two persons", instead of "a man and a woman" in the current version.

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Opponents seeking to dismiss the bill lacked six votes among 93 lawmakers present. At the same session, a counter bill also got through an initial vote. It aims for the country's Constitution to say that marriage of a man and a woman is protected by law.

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As the bills have to also pass the upper chamber, the Senate, and be ed by the president to become law, it is uncertain whether there is enough time for either to make it to a final vote before the Oct. Subscribe for our daily curated newsletter to receive the latest exclusive Reuters coverage delivered to your inbox. Germany's Green party on Sunday followed its prospective partner, the centre-left Social Democrats SPDin clearing the way for official three-way negotiations with the business-friendly Free Democrats FDP to form the next government.

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Reporting by Robert Muller; editing by Barbara Lewis. More from Reuters. up.

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