Looking for a nyc buddy

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You can meet people so easily and in a trustful way. We were four girls, from French, German and American backgrounds, without knowing each other from before. We spent an amazing week together, km driving, camping on the way. We saw kangaroos, koalas, penguins and pelicans".

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We spent 14 days of straight exploring, hiking, eating and drinking. I met Amaia and immediately decided to road-trip together. We're spending 10 days together and it's great because we have so much in common. We have a 3-step verification process which includes social media, phoneand valid government ID, so you can feel safe about your potential travel partner.

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With users from over countries, you can connect, chat, and find the perfect travel buddy, meet up in New York City and travel together. Toggle. You have no Messages at the moment. Find Travel Partners Browse through the list of trips, locals, and users who are currently in new york city. Get Connected When you find someone in new york city who you want to meet up with, simply hit connect and start chatting with them.

Trip Together Plan together, meet up with your travel companion in new york city at a pre-decided public place and travel together.

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Toledo, Ohio. Male, Age 31 Verified by. Female, Age 26 Verified by.

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I was in a car crash with my son and lost my car, now transportation is impossible till we get a Female Verified by. We're visiting Iceland Dec for our 25th Anniversary. We're staying in an airbnb place in Reyk Gainesville, Georgia. Male Verified by.

Male, Age 32 Verified by. Hi, I'm Michael.

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From Orlando, FL. UCF graduate. BSN degree. Let's explore the world. Male, Age 49 Verified by. Birmingham, Alabama. Male, Age 41 Verified by. Female, Age 42 Verified by. I have found a passion for traveling.

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Being alone and having friends that do not enjoy traveling Marie Arroseres. Saeed Alam.

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Scarlett Mansfield.

Looking for a nyc buddy

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