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You know the difference between electrons, protons, and neutrons. You know how to code the game Minecraft, have memorised the lines of all the best superhero movies and know all the superheroes and villains in each one. You know all the Star Wars characters and can list all the star wars movies. You know all the star trek characters and believe the star trek tv series should be entered into the entertainment hall of fame.

You know your marvel comics from your DC comics. You're into geek stuff, we get you. Perhaps you yourself are not a geek, but know someone who is. You need to step up your geek gifts game. Well you have arrived in the right place for all your geek shopping needs. You've tried all the shops and have been unable to find any gifts for nerds that come even close to satisfying your discerning geek pal. For a long time geeks were maligned, shunned to the shadowy depths of libraries and LAN parties and starry galaxies far, far, away.

Not anymore. Geeks are ruling the world — from pop-culture to start-ups — modern society is seeing nerds as heroes. You may be a fan of the marvel comics and you may be very well imbued with knowledge on all of the marvel superheroes, and you may well like to bulk out your marvel comics collection with some awesome merchandise. In which case, you have seriously found the right place. On the other hand, if you are more in to the DC comics movies, then we have plenty of superhero stuff for you too.

All your favourite star wars characters that you love from the franchise and all your favourite star trek characters from star trek nemesis and the whole star trek tv series. Whoops, you've been fooled with one of our April Fool's products. Delivery Delivery Icon Same day delivery within Melbourne.

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