Fuck tonight Mystic

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Green witch?

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Hearth witch? Kitchen witch? Storm witch? Sea witch? Bone witch? Are you a Celestial witch, dream witch, or a hedge witch? Natural born?

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One of those new-ager types? Do you dance naked in the forest and howl at the moon? Christian mystic? A casualty of a long-lost heritage? I am… Just a witch.

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And hopefully… A wise woman, someday. It bears less fruit. So I did what any sensible witch does. I made a spell to help heal it. New Moon - new beginnings, love, romance, health and work.

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I know the full moon and the solstice are already over, I just wanted to put this recipe out there because I made it for the first time and it was really good : -picture by me. Christian Day, a pagan writer and store owner, sent me this love letter after outing my name on Facebook. Like many people who have an alias on facebook, I have a rather good reason for doing so. I have a Meatspace stalker, who use to mail me bits of dead things, and threaten my children, because he wanted me to bear only HIS children.

It was a living nightmare that I lived for over six months. Alas… I was not very happy with Mr. Day for this, and told him so. You are not misreading that.

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I have… No real game plan at this point, other than not allowing this to go unseen by the many Pagans on the web. I have had such an outpouring of support from my friends and the general pagan community on facebook that it honestly made me cry. On another note, I have had to un-relax, knowing my stalker is still out there and can find me now. But, I will not back down. Dear followers, please reblog this. I want it to spread like wildfire. He owns a franchise shop here in New Orleans, and has systematically been trying to sow seeds of distention among local witches and their shops in order to cripple competition.

He is openly sexist, racist and classicist. He needs to be held responsible for his actions. Of course he denied it.

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He has no problem admitting this to me. Posts Archive. The best time for:. White magic or black? Do you heal or mend? Do you curse or hex? What sort of witch are you? Just what are you? Spell to Help Heal A Tree. Note: If the tree is too far gone, this will not coax it back to life. Best done on a waxing-full moon on a morning-midday. Dig a small hole about inches deep. If you only have a little, get a little on your fingers and flick it around the tree clockwise. Do this, minus the quartzevery waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, and full moon.

For the waning moon, pick up limbs and debris around your tree. They will duke it out. Just let them do it. The community has a real fascination with witch labels and witch paths. Try not to get fixated on it. Everyone loves to help! What spells are the strongest with the moons. Courage, Wisdom, and Power - Spell When: full moon Need: 1 red candle 1 purple candle 1 white candle 1 silk rope any length Procedure: Cast your circle Might the candles and lay the rope on your altar Chant as you tie a knot in the rope: "With this rope I bind thine power, to be mine for second or hour.

To make me strong when I am weak. To give me wisdom that I seek. To give me courage as not to flee. Thine will be done, so not it be. So this is a thing that happened… Christian Day, a pagan writer and store owner, sent me this love letter after outing my name on Facebook. This screenshot shows his response. This is fucking sick. Bringing this back as a reminder.

Christian Day is mega trash. See this in the app Show more.

Fuck tonight Mystic

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