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Ocean Road magazine, based on the Gold Coast, has been given a fascinating insight into the lives of Travers, his wife, his girlfriend and his four children; Valentino, 18, Luciana, 15, Velicia 6 and Serafina 5. My parents both worked hard, they had an amazing work ethic, my mother was a fulltime mum and she worked hard, often until 3am. She was a strong woman, she was the strongest example in my life, I have huge admiration for her. I was taught to appreciate all that you have and work hard for what you want.

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It was surreal. My friends back home in Melbourne were laughing their he off — until they saw I was making a success of it. Every cheque I got, I took the minimum of what I needed for rent and to live on and sent the rest home to my parents to help with some capital expenses and buying stock of their new business.

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You can have cars and money and all those things, but that excitement only lasts for so long. They love my imagination and my creativity. Next time he took me to dinner.

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Sometimes they only live here for a few weeks and then move on. He has many girlfriends but only one wife. Now, my children love me to death. We were out until 5am. We were the last ones dancing in the club. I was like a lion; nothing was going to stand in my way. Warning: Graphic content.

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Free live naked woman from Gold Coast

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