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It's a pretty good bet that all the "skiers" from LA and New York are rocking similar puffy jackets when they're hitting the town after a day on the slopes.

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We're not into similar, though, which is why we gave the women's Icon Down Puffy Jacket a whole lot of unique style to keep you distinct from the hordes of flavored-vodka-drinking, green-circle cruising ladies. Weather happens even when you're downtown, so the Icon's polyester-lined nylon shell has been treated to be 10K waterproof and 8K breathable. If you're so far ahead that you can take a break, pull your hands out of the zippered pockets and slip your phone into the inner stash, because you're gonna need both hands to make enough snowballs to properly "welcome" those slowpokes home.

While you're sweating and panting to get up that mountain, she will already be at the top, eating her summit snack, and deciding where camp should be set up.

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Menu Cart 0. Discrete believes in the classic red flannelit's sturdy, it's says, "hey man, I'm down to go shred, go grab a brewski, high five all night, take a couple buttons down if needed, but can tighten up the program too, I'm a mountain man w class.

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We think we accomplished the red flannel perfectly. A slightly tailored fit, charcoal grey interior, collar and sleeve, accents.

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Sturdy girls come in different forms. There's the climbing girl, the hiking girl, and the camping mountain girl.

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A clean t-shirt, simple messaging. Soft and comfy. Let's just say that it snows twice as much for every day you wear the shirt, it's like a snow dance in a t-shirt form. Probably our favorite shirt. Rocking horse demo day only comes around once a year, so it's something that has to be taken seriously.

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Slip on your best cowboy boots, cinch a gallon hat around your chin, and button up the Nook women's shirt, because you've got 13 different horses to test out and only 16 hours of daylight. The Nook can rock as long as you can, though, with light chambray cotton denim that'll keep you cool and comfortable and a western-style yoke that wrassles up plenty of cowgirl-worthy style.

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The dropped back hem keeps your ridin' britches from showing and cramping your saddle style, while the button-down chest pockets hold enough treats to keep the rocking horses fed and happy during a long days' test ride.

Discrete women only

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