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There are things in your kitchen cupboards they absolutely hate. In the coming weeks you might start noticing a lot more spiders in your house. For some people this is great, the spiders tend to keep to themselves and eat the flies that tend to multiply because of the hot weather. However some people get very freaked out by our eight legged friends despite the fact that unless you have an allergy, spiders in this country are highly unlikely to cause you any harm whatsoever. The first thing to say is though it will seem that more spiders are in your house this is actually misleading.

According to experts they have simply become more noticeable because they are looking for a mate and have grown fat with eggs. He said: "There is a reason why people think that they are coming inside this time of year. They will be behind a wardrobe or under a sofa, they are stationary. That is when people see them going across their carpets. They are looking for love! The idea of an invasion is total nonsense. It is not that there are more of them they are just a lot more obvious.

There is plenty of shelter under plant pots and in sheds. There is no reason for them to come inside. They are actually the biggest of Britain's spiders with some having the potential to reach a whooping 12cm in size. Money spiders can usually be identified from their small bodies - they usually measure no more than 5mm but their legs can be rather long.

They often hang upside down under a sheet web and their webs can normally be spotted in bushes or shrubs. During mating season, you may also see them making themselves comfortable in the corners of homes but they're harmless little things. More commonly known as Daddy Long Legs, cellar spiders are large and a bit off-putting as they can grow up to 45mm. You may not know this but you don't often see them outside. They much prefer to hang out in their webs in warm corners of cupboards and ceilings. Like most common spiders they're harmless but they're known for eating many other spiders along the way.

People are known to mistaken these little ones for false widow spiders but they're a bit different. They're known for making their way indoors during the autumn to look for a mate - especially if there's been a lot of rain and they've lost their home as a consequence of wet weather. Although they're small the little spiders also have the potential to bite, but they're not thought to be aggressive. The false widow is nocturnal and generally spends the daytime sleeping inside a crack or hole near its web.

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They like environments that are dry and warm as they don't like being disturbed, which is often what attracts them to people's homes. Even though they are more likely to be spotted outside, they also like to perch themselves under toilets, fridges and washing machines. The spiders have been known to bite people in the past and some awful horror stories have emerged, but they are usually not known to attack unless you sit on one or one gets trapped within your clothes.

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You can try sealing up cracks in your house to try and keep them out but realistically in summer when you open windows they will come in. You can also put down blocks of cedar wood as they also hate the smell of that.

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