Chatting on the streetcar in Lipari

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Added: Beatriz Wilks - Date: After their Montgomery County real estate listing went viral, Vince Marie and Priscilla Costa posed at the sex swing in the basement that doubles as a naughty Airbnb draw. Six months and a few days ago, the Montgomery County residence drew the eyes of people across the globe courtesy of a racy sales marketing plan. What garnered that attention, primarily, were photos in online listings of sex swings, a bed with pillories, various whips, chains and sex toys including wooden fists, along with various pieces of equipment foreign to the eye of those ignorant of BDSM practices.

Nope, people just couldn't get enough of the ad with the "sex dungeon" in the suburbs of Philadelphia. But that interest did not prompt a sale, or even an offer that the owners were willing to accept. So, not too long ago, they decided to keep it all to themselves. If there was nobody interested, a business was always coming out of this, and we always planned to move operations somewhere else," he added.

While many people toured the property, no formal offers were made.

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Many of those coming through were interested in the AirBNB aspect, but Marie had no desire to sell that off. Oh yeah, even though the house isn't on the market anymore, Marie and Priscilla Costa haven't shuttered the basement to outsiders beyond those who rent it out via AirBNB. In fact, they're hosting a private party there on August 24 a racy video about it is available via this link. It's something they've done before.

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The response we've gotten has been so positive," he said. It's not a sex party. It's not an orgy. Anyone and everyone is not discriminated against, and not judged. Just be civil. That's all we ask of people. It's just a fun party to expose people to things they've never been exposed to before, without feeling pressured. There are no expectations for anyone to do anything. If that sort of thing interests you, they're raffling off a VIP invite via Instagram.

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Good luck. Like us on Facebook: PhillyVoice. Add Brian's RSS feed to your feed reader. Brian Hickey PhillyVoice Contributor. Menu PhillyVoice. August 14, Sorry, folks, the '50 Shades of Maple Glen' home is no longer up for sale The owners decided to keep the house but its sex dungeon could be headed to a town near you By Brian Hickey PhillyVoice Contributor.

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Government Officials in Philly region urge residents to report storm damage caused by Ida. Children's Health How to keep your kids safe in the sun by. Real Estate Five essential tips for first-time Philly homebuyers by. Personal Finance Five ways you can achieve financial security by.

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Custom-built showplace in the Lippincott on Washington Square. Listed by. All rights reserved.

Chatting on the streetcar in Lipari

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